17th East Midlands Food Festival (Melton Mowbray Food Festival) Cancelled

Following a (zoom) meeting this morning of the local Events Safety Advisory Group attended by the Borough Council, Police, Director of Public Health (Leicestershire) etc, the East Midlands Food Festival will not go ahead on 3/4th October as planned.

The PM is due to announce new guidelines regarding major events on October 1st which is on the eve of the Festival. Following the PM’s comments last week and the issue of increasing cases of Covid it is increasingly likely that mass gatherings or large scale events will not be permitted.

Exhibitors are starting to buy in or produce goods for the Festival and will face significant losses if the event is then cancelled on October 1st, the day before they are due to arrive to set up for the festival. So far none of them have had to pay any stall fee nor have visitor tickets been on sale these waiting until the festival was guaranteed to go ahead.

The cancellation at short notice of the Artisan Cheese Fair earlier this year left the Melton Mowbray Food Partnership with significant losses. The Food Festival will mean further losses but these will be far less than if the festival was cancelled at short notice in October.

We hope for better times for both exhibitors and those who have supported the Food Festival in the past.