Programme of Events (Provisional)

Cheese Theatre Programme (in Cheese Theatre)

11.30   A History of Cheese

A light-hearted history of cheeses Matthew O’Callaghan

12.00   Tasting Cheese – A Beginner’s Guide

An informal guide to cheese: The Fine Cheese Co

13.00   Make your own Cheese

 Katy Fenwick: School of Artisan Food

14.00   Cooking with Cheese

Webb Freckingham Chef/Cheese Retailer (Nottingham Cheese Shop)

Tutored Tastings Programme (In Tasting Room)

12.30   Cheese and Wine

Catchpole Cellars

13.30   No Kidding! Goat’s and Sheep’s Cheeses

Goat’s and Sheep’s Cheeses are delicious

14.30   Irish Cheeses

The renaissance of Irish Cheesemaking

Workshops (In Hall H)

11.30 & 15.00 Make Your Own Cheese

13.00 & 14.00 Make Your Own Butter (Kids Welcome)



11.30am  & 14.00  Melstrum Ukulele Band

12.45am  & 14.45  EAGA Gospel Choir

13.30pm  & 15.30  New St George Morris Dancers